I present on a variety of topics including decision making, information literacy learning assessment, critical information literacy, business education, evidence-based management, and informed leadership.

If you have questions about my past presentations, please contact me! I love to collaborate and hear thoughts about my work!

Past Presentations 

Session Presenter. Liberty and Justice for All: Social Justice and Library Resources” O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Summit. November 6-7 2020. Virtual.

Invited Webinar Presenter. Stonebraker, Ilana, Mel Gruver, and Vanessa Pacheco. October 28th.“Civic Literacy & Citizenship: cultivating space for communities to co-create knowledge and make change”. Invited Indiana State Library Webinar. October 2020.

Invited Keynote Presenter. “Promoting Civic Engagement among Adult Learners: Inviting Students to Engage on the Local Level”. Pennsylvania Library Association College Research Division Spring Workshop 2020. Virtual.

Session Presenter. Ilana Stonebraker. “Citizen’s Academy: An Instructional Program Focused on Getting Students Involved on the Local Level.” ALA Midwinter 2020.

Session Presenter. Ilana Stonebraker, Heather Howard. “I know you are BUT WHAT AM I: Using reflection in business information literacy instruction” BRASS Fall Online Symposium. December 17 2019.

Presenter. Ilana Stonebraker, Moaria Kirker. “First Experience and Cognitive Dissonance: A Study of Student Perceptions Change Over Time in Two Institutions” WILU 2018.

Presenter. Ilana Stonebraker, Clarence Maybee, Jessica Chapman. “Charting Their Path: How Students Experience Using Information in their Job Search”. LOEX 2018.

Presenter. Maoria Kirker, Ilana Stonebraker. “Librarians to Battle Stations: Cognitive Dissonance and Information Literacy in the Fake News Era”. LOEX 2018.

Invited Keynote Presenter. “All hands on deck: Social justice, empathy in the age of information literacy”. Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries Conference. April 25-27, 2018.

Invited Presenter. Stonebraker, Ilana. “Making Greater Lafayette Greater!” Invited Community Program at Tippecanoe County Public Library- Downtown. February 3rd, 2018.

Invited Presenter. “Making Greater Lafayette Greater, Teaching on Purpose.” 6:45. MatchBOX Pecha Kucha Presentations.  November 8, 2017. Lafayette, IN

Invited Presenter. “Business Information and Social Justice”. Library Journal TechKnowledge Conference. October 18, 2017. Online.

Moderator and Panelist. Ilana Stonebraker, Heather Howard, Kenny Garcia. “Search Beyond: The Library, Social Researching and Practices of Knowing”. Critical Management Studies Conference 2017. Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Presenter. Heather Howard, Ilana Stonebraker. “Deciding Differently: Teaching Students to Make Evidence-Based Decisions”. 2017 European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference. Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Presenter. Krisli Vasili, Ilana Stonebraker. “Benefits, Challenges, and Outcomes of Promoting Service-Learning and Information Literacy for Business Students” Illinois Information Literacy Summit.

Moderator and Panelist. Ilana Stonebraker, Caitlan Maxwell, Kenny Garcia, Jessica Jerrit. “Liberty and Justice for All: Critical Information Literacy for Business and Professional Students”. ACRL 2017. Baltimore, Maryland.

Moderator for Panel. Ilana Stonebraker, Joe Collier, Heather Howard and Saira Raza. “The Future of Innovation: How Libraries Support Entrepreneurs”. Symposium on the Future of Libraries, ALA Midwinter 2017. Atlanta, Georgia.

Poster Presenter. “Real Institutions, Real Talk: Reflecting on over a decade of Diversity Scholars Visits to ARL Research Libraries Diversity in Libraries Conference. August 2016.

Session Presenter. “Business Librarians Get Critical: Examining the Intersections Between Business Librarianship, Critical Librarianship, and Critical Pedagogy”. Library Instruction West. June 9, 2016. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Session Presenter. “Roundtable: Professional Degrees and Critical Pedagogy, Too High For Us to Climb?” Library Instruction West. June 10, 2016. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Session Presenter. Professional Degrees and Critical Pedagogy: Opportunities for Agitation in Business, Medical and STEM programs.” Librarianship and Pedagogy Symposium. February 25, 2016. Tucson, Arizona.

Presenter. Stonebraker, I., & Doan, T. (2015). Undergraduate Learning in Libraries: Space Design for Academic Course Transformation and Re-Thinking Campus Culture. Re-thinkit: Libraries for a New Age.

Invited Panelist and Presenter. “Crowdsourcing of Library Services” Charleston Conference 2014. November 8, 2014. Charleston, SC.

Session Presenter. Stonebraker, I., Zhang, T. “Crowdsourcing Library Help & Reference Systems” Internet Librarian 2014. October 29, 2014. Monterey, CA

Poster Presenter. Zhang, T., Kong, N. Stonebraker, I. “Usability Metrics of Web-Based Mapping Applications” Digital Library Federation Forum 2014. Atlanta, GA.

Session Presenter. Stonebraker, I., Gibson, C. “Improving Instruction: Metaliteracy through Crowdsourcing in the Classroom” Indiana University Information Literacy Colloquium. New Albany, Indiana. August 1 2014.

Session Presenter. Stonebraker, I. “Letting Gogh of the Traditional Lecture and Lab: Flipping the Business Information Literacy Classroom” LOEX 2014. May 9, 2014. Grand Rapids, MI.

Session Presenter and Panelist. Stonebraker, I., Dugan, M. Flipping the Business Information Literacy Classroom” BRASS Business Reference in Academic Libraries Forum, ALA Annual 2014. Las Vegas, Nevada June 26- July 2014.

Session Presenter. Barnes, I.Flipping Information Literacy Invited Presentations at CIE Celebration of Teaching and Learning. March 26, 2014. West Lafayette, IN.

Poster Presenter. Barnes, I., Dugan, M., Kirkwood, H. “MGMT 175 Course Transformation” poster at CIE Celebration of Teaching and Learning. March 26, 2014. West Lafayette, IN.

Session Presenter. “Incorporating Usability into the Database Review Process: New Lessons and Possibilities” Charleston Conference. Charleston, South Carolina. November 6-9 2013.

Session Presenter. “Scaling Up, Not Spreading Thin: Using Hybrid Online/Offline Instruction to Meet Critical Issues Facing Today’s University (with Mary Dugan). Internet Librarian International. London, England. October 15-16 2013.

Session Presenter. Barnes, I, Dugan, M. Kirkwood, I. “Using Hybrid Online/Offline Instruction to Meet Common Intellectual Experience Needs” Indiana University Information Literacy Colloquium. New Albany, Indiana. August 9 2013.

Poster Presenter. “Building Better Help Before We Build It: User Characteristics and Preferences’ Effect on Library Help Website DesignSIGDOC poster with T. Zhang (September 30- October 1)

Session Presenter. “Building Better Help Before We Build It: User Characteristics and Preferences’ Effect on Library Help Website Design” LITA Lightning Talk for ALA Annual 2013. Chicago, Illinois. June 29 2013.

Session Presenter. “Data and Geospatial Information Assessment Within a Business Department: A Painless Survey that Makes A World Of Difference” ALA Quasi-Conference 2013. Ann Arbor, Michigan. February 2, 2013.

Workshop Presenter. “Business GIS: SimplyMap” Presentation. GIS Day, hosted by Purdue Libraries. November 14 2012.

Session Presenter and Panelist. “Helping the help: a history of libraries and usability through help documentation” Ignite Session. World Usability Day hosted by the Indiana Chapter of the Usability Professionals’ Association. November 8 2012.

Poster Presenter. “Adventures in Preservation Administration: Creating a Working Digital Archive Using DAITSS Repository Software”. Poster presented at expoSItion, hosted by the University of Michigan School of Information. March 26 2012.

Workshop Presenter. “Free Geographic Information Systems: Hacking Google Maps and More!” Workshop at Quasi-Con Conference hosted by Student Chapter of the ALA. January 21 2012

Workshop Presenter. “Demonstrating a Dozen Databases.” Workshop for New York Public Libraries. March 4, 2011.